The Dharma is amply present in every person, but without practice, it is not manifested; without realization, it is not attained. It is not a question of one or many; let loose of it and it fills your hands. It is not bounded vertically or horizontally; speak it and it fills your mouth….. When even for a short period of time you sit properly in samadhi, imprinting the Buddha-seal in your three activities of deed, word, and thought, then each and every thing throughout the dharma world is the Buddha-seal, and all space without exception is enlightenment.
–Dogen Zenji, Bendowa

A practice community in the Soto Zen tradition.

If you are new to the Anchorage Zen Community a useful place to start is the Overview of Activities page.

News & Community Events

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Study Group

The study group will not be meeting April 9th.

The meetings are at the zendo on Wednesdays from 7 to 8 PM. The text is Living by Vow by Shohaku Okumura; it is readily available from your favorite online retailer in both  paper and electronic formats. Anyone is welcome to join in the discussion. Email with any questions you have about the study group.

Dharma & Dinner

The new offering is a time to gather together, enjoy a dharma based conversation and share a meal. Bring an idea, question, poem or passage that has captured your interest, food you enjoy and a readiness to engage in free flowing dharmic discussion. The next Dharma & Dinner is on Friday, April 11th  at Genmyo’s home, starting around 6:30 pm.

Tentatively Dharma & Dinner will be held the 2nd Friday of each month; if you are interested in hosting this event please email

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