The Dharma is amply present in every person, but without practice, it is not manifested; without realization, it is not attained. It is not a question of one or many; let loose of it and it fills your hands. It is not bounded vertically or horizontally; speak it and it fills your mouth….. When even for a short period of time you sit properly in samadhi, imprinting the Buddha-seal in your three activities of deed, word, and thought, then each and every thing throughout the dharma world is the Buddha-seal, and all space without exception is enlightenment.
–Dogen Zenji, Bendowa

A practice community in the Soto Zen tradition.

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News & Community Events

Koun Visit

Koun will be passing through Anchorage to and from Cordova for Isen’s ordination. Koun is planning to attend Thursday evening zazen, July 31st, and to give a talk; afterward there will be some food and an opportunity to socialize. He also plans to join us during Tuesday evening zazen, August 5th. click to view daily schedule

Zen Ordination Ceremony- Shukke Tokudo

In this ancient ceremony, a Zen Priest is ordained as a novice by their teacher, receiving and reciting the 16 Bodhisattva Precepts. The initiate has hand-sewn Buddhist robes (Kesa & Rakusu) and a bowing cloth (Zagu). The robes will be formally received along with a set of bowls (Oryoki), a Buddhist name, and a lineage chart (kechimyaku) showing their place in the long line of Zen practitioners from their teacher to Shakyamuni Buddha.

You are invited to attend and witness Kelley Weaverling (isen) and his teacher, Koun Franz perform this ancient ceremony.

The ceremony will begin at 7:00pm, Saturday, the 2nd of August at the Mason’s Hall. A reception will follow.

Sunday there will be a half-day Zen retreat with seated & walking meditation, chanting, dharma talks, and a formal oryoki meal service.

For more information: Call or text 1 (907) 429 5565 or email

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Air and ferry cost to Cordova & Koun’s travel itinerary

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