Anchorage Zen Community values the principles of equal opportunity and diversity in relation to the membership of the Sangha. In accordance with Buddhist principles and with Federal and State laws, the Anchorage Zen Community affirms a policy of non-discrimination in its admission of individuals.  The Sangha is open to all who are interested in Zen Buddhism for any reason.  No person shall be denied the services of Anchorage Zen Community or admission to Uto-an or be subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, color, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, veteran status, criminal history, political background or beliefs, age, disability, social caste, or economic status.  All are welcome to practice in peace, and no one shall be denied services.

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding AZC’s non-discrimination policy, please contact any member of the Board of Directors, or the President, Keith Wiger, at Additionally, if you feel that you are being discriminated against in violation of AZC’s policy, or should you have any issues that you feel may bar you from fully participating in all of AZC’s services, you are strongly encouraged to discuss those issues with any member of the Board of Directors.