The Anchorage Zen Community and its practice space are committed to providing authentic Soto Zen Buddhist practice and teachings to all who are interested. We welcome people of any faith or background who are interested in cultivating compassion, awareness, and wisdom in their daily lives.

Our schedule includes daily zazen and chanting, regular instruction for newcomers, study groups, prison volunteer work, and dharma talks; we also hold one-day sittings (Zazenkai), sesshin, precepts ceremonies, and more. We are a non-residential community, voluntarily maintained and supported by our members. If you have questions about the practice, feel free to contact us at

Zazen Instruction
Sundays 8:30 am

Newcomer’s Night
1st Tuesday of the month, 7 to 8 pm. Zazen instruction with an opportunity to ask questions about Buddhist practice.

Zazen (Seated Meditation) - visit schedule page

Loan Library
(Not available at this time)

Dharma Study Groupsvisit page
Study groups read, discuss, and put into practice the teachings of the Dharma book. A study group can both be lead by the teacher or facilitated by lay people.

Dharma Talks
Sundays at 10:25 am.

On the 3rd Saturday of the month there is a day long retreat. The schedule is divided into two blocks, 9 am to 12 pm and 1 to 4 pm. Either block may be attended, or both. It is encouraged that all participants finish the block once they have started it. Dokusan will regularly be offered as part of the retreat. Those attending both blocks should bring a bagged lunch; the AZC will offer rice, light soup, and hot water.

Prison Volunteer Program - visit page
AZC volunteers make regular visits to Highland Mountain Correctional Center in Eagle River and Spring Creek Correctional Facility in Seward to practice zazen and discuss matters of faith and practice.

Sewing Rakusu and Okesa (Buddha Robe)
Some of our members have chosen to sew a rakusu or to help sew a kesa, both expressions of commitment to the practice and the precepts.

Dharma School- visit page
Dedicated parents and other AZC members have formed a Dharma School for 4-6 year olds.

Dharma & Dinnera
A time to gather together, enjoy a dharma based conversation and share a potluck meal. Bring an idea, question, poem or passage that has captured your interest, food you enjoy and a readiness to engage in free flowing dharmic discussion. If you are interested in hosting this event please email