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The doan is the person who hits the bells during the ceremonies. The community needs more doans; there are only a couple of people who actively perform the role. Being doan is a great dharma practice.

Highland Correctional Center (Eagle River)

AZC volunteers visit the women’s prison on the first and third Friday each month. This is a wonderful opportunity to share dharma with the support of experienced leaders. This is open to women only. Please contact Cindy Schraer,, if interested in participating . The group usually leaves Anchorage at 5:30 pm and gets back around 9 to 9:30.

Spring Creek Correctional Center (Seward)

Currently volunteers visit Spring Creek the fourth Saturday of each month. The departure time is 11 AM and arrival back in Anchorage is around 7 PM. This service opportunity is open only to men. If you are interested in vistiting Spring Creek contact Dax,

An Alaska Department of Corrections application process is required before visiting a correctional facility, which generally takes several weeks for approval. After an orientation a new volunteer receives a lay volunteer card. A lay volunteer must accompany a lay leader or priest to visit a correctional facility. To become a lay leader, one must consistently volunteer in the correctional system for at least six months; a lay leader may visit any Alaskan correctional facility independently. Click to view and download a religious volunteer application form.